Rome is art & fashion.

Let’s get lost in Rome's narrow streets finding the most perfect shops for you and your style.

Together we will understand what you need and then discover what you are looking for: vintage shops, Italian made styles or haute couture.
Assisted by a chauffeur, we will explore the fashion side of Rome.



Are you shopping for an important event, such as a wedding, an opening night or a red carpet gala?

Are you searching for that perfect look?

Don't worry - we will figure it out!

To find that perfect look, we will choose the best shops where I'll help you find the right outfit for your style and taste. You will be the star of the evening!



Are you as shiny and bright as the spring? Or as intense as the winter?

Let's find together the harmony that brings together your hair, your skin, and your eyes.  We will create the perfect colour palette for your attire and makeup.

Through armocromia - the theory of seasonal colours - we will see together the magic of colours and how they can change your life.